Saturday, January 1, 2005

January 2005

My new trick is eating big boy food! Mom fed me squash baby food yesterday and today, and as you can see, I really liked it! My scale at home says that I am 12 1/2 pounds, so I am really starting to get big. I have outgrown some of my newborn size clothes and Mom is pretty excited about all the new outfits she gets to put on me. Every day I get more and more talktative and smile so much! I even squeal sometimes when I am really happy. Other than that I did not really pull out any new tricks this week. We are all excited to see what the therapist has to say about my progress in 2 weeks!

I am 5 months old today! Can you believe it? I also slept through the night AGAIN!!

I slept from 11:00 to 5:30, the same hours as Mommy! I am such a good boy! I am also getting so good at sitting up with Mom or Dad holding my hands to help me, I barely wobble at all!

Wow this week went fast! I have made so much progress this week. I am out of newborn clothes and into 3 months! My girlfriend Lindsay visited me on Monday and played for a while. I discovered that I have control of my hands and cram them into my mouth whenever I get the chance. Although I am not completely coordinated so sometime I smack myself in the cheeks and chin trying to get them to my mouth! I am smiling so much now and making all sorts of talking noises. If you look at me and imitate me, I'll even have a conversation with you! I have mastered eating baby cereal, but it is still a pretty slow process. Also, Friday night I slept for 8 hours!! Probably because I barely napped at all on Friday. This weekend I have just been catching up on my sleep and playing with Mom and Dad. I can't wait til it gets warmer so that I can be naked all the time. I am a VERY happy baby when I don't have to wear clothes. Right now I am working on sitting, my parents pull me up to a sitting position and then hold my hands for support. I am really good at it! My head wobbles a tiny bit and I sway from side to side a little. I don't know how much I weigh anymore because I haven't been to the doctor in such a long time! As long as I don't get sick I won't have to go back until March 1, although I do see the developmental therapist on Valentine's Day just to check up on my progress. As you may have noticed, the web site has a new area for movies....we'll get one on there as soon as Mom can figure it out....stay tuned!! Love, Gavin

I am such a good eater! Last night I ate 2 whole tablespoons of baby cereal and I actually am starting to understand how to eat, instead of Mom just trying to pour it down my throat! It was good stuff, I was smacking my lips and everything! It didn't help me sleep through the night any though. I have also decided that I don't need any more naps during the day, there is just too much of the world to experience! I stay up for 12 hours and only take a couple half hour naps! Mom thinks she is going to try to get me on a schedule, let her try I say. Mom's friend Lori and her daughter Lindsay came to visit Monday night and we had so much fun. Pictures of me with my new "girlfriend" will be posted this weekend.

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa!!! Wish we could be there to give you lots of smiles and kisses....but check your email for your birthday card. That cute baby foot you see is in fact mine, my Uncle Chris took such good pictures of me when he babysat a couple weeks ago! I am just staying in all weekend since it is so cold outside. I have become such a piglet, eating around 30 ounces of food a day! We keep trying the infant cereal, but it is hard because I am not great at sitting up yet, but we keep on practicing. We'll get some more pictures on the site later today.

It is COLD outside! Mom bundles me up so much, though, I don't even feel the cold. In my world it is 70 degrees all the time! I am over my cold, so things are going very well. I hear that tonight is bath night...I LOVE baths! I've learned how to splash around the water with my feet and get my parents all wet! We'll try to get some good pictures for you to see. Stay warm!

The home care nurse came and gave me an RSV shot yesterday...and I was SO good! I barely cried at all. We are so lucky that we have a nurse come to th house and don't have to go to that germy doctor's office every 28 days. Last night I just hung with Mom....I stayed awake playing from 4 - 10! She thought I would sleep all night after that, but no such luck. I like to wake Mom up at 4:30, and then after she leaves for work I like to wake up Dad at 7:30!

Today Mom and Dad weighed me on the baby scale they have at home (it was my Dad's when he was little!) and I weigh 11 1/2 pounds! I have a tiny cold, I don't feel bad or have a fever but I am pretty congested. Dad had a cold this week so I must have picked it up from him, but my parents are very excited that it really hasn't made me sick besides the stuffy nose. They think my immune system must be working pretty well!I have finally gotten into a schedule where I nap a couple times a day, but no luck sleeping through the night since that one time. I am starting to get VERY smiley and like to "talk" a lot. Check out the latest pictures from when I was at Nana's last weekend, and finally of good picture of me and my Mom!

YAHOO! I slept through the night for the first time! Well, almost, I slept from 10 until 4:45, but Mom had a lot to do at work today, and just went in super early. So, really I was doing her a favor! I had a fun weekend, I went to dinner Sunday at Nana Janet's and was pampered by her, John and my Uncle Chris. Nana and Chris even danced with me in the living room to Nora Jones!

Happy New Year! Here is a picture of me meeting my Uncle Chris for the first time! It was a very uneventful New Year's Eve....Mom and Dad couldn't even stay awake til midnight, and didn't drink the bottle of champagne they had....wimps! Mom wanted me to make a resolution to sleep through the night, but it didn't happen, although I do seem to be improving.