Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Pics

Here are some birthday pics from Gavin's party at Chuck E Cheese. He had such a blast, and it was great getting to know the kids he invited. I'm proud to say he associates with a good group of kids. I snapped pictures of him with all his friends as well! but didn't want to post them without parent's permission

Friday, October 21, 2011

LOVE (love, love, love)


Last night. I loved last night.

Backing up a bit - the last two days Sam had been dry and peed in the potty at day care all day. I don't know what changed, except for I bought him Cars Pull Ups. Super proud of him!

Came home yesterday and we told Gavin about Sam's accomplishment. He lights up and says "Good Job Sammy!" and gives him high fives. But in a totally loving, proud, genuine big brother kind of way. Not the condescending, patronizing kind of way. Where does he get that tone anyway???

Gavin had soccer practice so Chad stayed home with Sam while I took Gavin. We got home, boys got bathed and I started on dinner, while my MIL and her mother came by to see the kids. The boys are getting along great - other than Sam did not want Gav to take a bath with him, but otherwise, great.

After dinner, Gavin turned on music to dance. Somehow they both managed to dance in the living room without fighting (usually Gavin gets very upset that Sam is infringing his dance space). Then they start running/racing around the living room, wrestling with each other. And totally getting along - having fun together!

I just sat back and watched. Sam just wants to be so much like his brother, copying everything he does. His naughtiness must come from mostly wanting Gavin's attention. I'm hoping he learned that being nice to him is the way to get it! Gavin would run into the kitchen, get a drink of water, Sam would do the same. Gavin would say something in passing to me, Sam would do the same.

Taking a cue from my friend Melissa, I just sat back and soaked it all in, enjoying the moment.

Then Sam put on a show for us. This kid is a huge fan of being the center of attention (as opposed to Gavin who burst into tears the first two times I showed up at his preschool for a performance, and only survived the third time because I cowered behind another parent and did not make eye contact).

Sam sang, loud and proud, the ABC song and the Wheels on the Bus. Complete with hand gestures. And a super huge grin on his face.

It was a riot.

The night was perfection.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Civil Disobedience

thy name is Sam

This boy rarely throws a fit or cries or screams. He does bite and hit for fun and attention, but that's another issue.

He is the king of civil disobedience though. If he doesn't want to do something he just.won'

How do you make a horse go that doesn't want to move? No really....if you have the answer, I'm taking notes!

This morning I got a text from Chad that Sam was refusing to change his diaper and get dressed (9:30 am). I told him to bribe him with fruit snacks.

At 10:18 I got a text "I'm done with Sam. Come get him". Fortunately a meeting I was in ended early and I was able to get over there right away. Sam was just laying on the couch with his blankets.

I was able to convince him to go pretty quickly


If you see my kid on the playground his pajamas.....with a mouth full of gobstoppers.....well, let's just say civil disobedience won out today.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011


We've been trying to get Samson to cut his hair for some time, considering it's always in his eyes.

This cool kid, finally agreed (he's been refusing for a LONG time, staying true to his name, I suppose). But he demanded a mohawk.

There you have it folks, my big kid with a mohawk. I picked him up from school yesterday and literally couldn't find him on the playground. There are a lot of blond short haired boys in his class (perhaps the downside of a Lutheran program is lack of diversity?) and I was staring right at him and did not even recognize him until he came running at me.

He was holding pretty tight to those suckers, but sweet boy did offer me the orange one. "I saved this sucker for YOU, Mommy!"

And in other sweet, sharing news, last night after the soccer game, Gavin got a bag of chips and a rice krispie treat that the parents brought for treats. He gave his brother the rice krispie treat and Sam was SO happy that Gavin shared with him. As much as they like to fight sometimes (read: Sam picks on Gavin who retaliates), Sam just lights up when his brother does something really nice for him like that.

I suspect it's because Gavin doesn't actually LIKE rice krispie treats, but let's just overlook that fact for now, k?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Funny story. And family, don't repeat these things to the kids. I think they find it weird that the universe knows all about the funny things they say at home.

Last week, the cat (Meatball, a rescue from the shelter we got when Gavin was about 2 1/2, already named) went outside when Grandma Betsy left for the evening. No big deal, he enjoys his time outside and stays close to the house, meowing at the door when he's ready to come in.

Before the boys settled down to bed I asked them to check the front door to see if he was ready to come in. He wasn't there so they checked the back door.

Gavin: "Mommy, I hear a weird sound"

I brushed it off as nothing and told them to come inside and that Meatball would show up when he was ready. Gavin started crying and said "No, Mom, I think it's Meatball....he's making a weird sound."

I stepped outside, and sure enough I heard a low growl coming from under the deck. Even though I'd never heard him make such a sound, I was pretty sure it was our cat. Imagining a rabid raccoon or some other sort of infected animal, I quickly got the kids inside and called Chad up to handle the situation.

He went outside and saw what he thought was a cat take off, spooked, for our hill and the "naughty tree" - a tree covered in thorns that in hindsight we probably should have had removed when we built the house. Oh well. As it was pitch black out, he came in to get a flashlight.

Once out there with the flashlight he realized Meatball was still under the deck. After about 5 minutes, he ventured out and came inside. I told the boys to give him some space as Chad checked him over to make sure he hadn't gotten into a brawl with the other cat (animal?). He was fine and flopped down on the carpet.

Gavin went rushing over to him, and with all the drama of your favorite daytime soap exclaimed:

Meatball! Are you ok? Do you recognize us? Do you know who I am Meatball?

As if Meatball had just woken up from a 2 year coma or something. It was HILARIOUS!

What's not hilarious, on the other hand, is that it looks like my desire to get rid of the cat will not materialize any time soon. Gavin was a crying, concerned mess until Chad brought him in. He flipping LOVES that cat. (sigh)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nephro Appt - Results

GREAT news last Friday - all the tests that were run at the nephrology appointment were normal. No signs of kidney issues (which could cause high bp) and no indication of LVH (left ventricle hardening maybe?) at any rate, they were looking for thickening of the artery which would be the negative consequence of high blood pressure.

My calculus teacher in high school (Mr. Zimmerman - Central Academy - shout out!) always quoted "ours is not to do or die, ours is to ask the question why?". We always were challenged to understand why the proofs worked - it wasn't good enough to simply memorize them.

Because a curious, and data driven sort of person, I am really highly irritated that I may not know why Gavin's bp was high for a few weeks. Perhaps it was white coat hypertension, and he had lingering anxiety that something was wrong the next couple times the nurse checked it. Perhaps his diet was funky those weeks. Maybe he was a little dehydrated. Who knows? It's making me nuts.

Prior to this, he only had it checked once a year, then 5 times in 3 weeks. 3 of those times it was high, and 2 it was normal. Normal being subjective - the doctors thought it was normal, the school nurse thinks it's still on the high side. He may just be an outlier on the high side though.

At any rate, I'm considering getting a monitor and checking it several times a week for a while to get my own baseline. I'm not a hypochondriac, and believe me, I'm not trying to find problems where they don't exist. I just want to understand what his normal is. What if the high numbers are his normal and the low numbers were the anomaly? At this point we know nothing is wrong, and that's great, beyond great. The whole thing just has me puzzled, and I'm sort of innately driven to figure out the why.