Friday, October 21, 2011

LOVE (love, love, love)


Last night. I loved last night.

Backing up a bit - the last two days Sam had been dry and peed in the potty at day care all day. I don't know what changed, except for I bought him Cars Pull Ups. Super proud of him!

Came home yesterday and we told Gavin about Sam's accomplishment. He lights up and says "Good Job Sammy!" and gives him high fives. But in a totally loving, proud, genuine big brother kind of way. Not the condescending, patronizing kind of way. Where does he get that tone anyway???

Gavin had soccer practice so Chad stayed home with Sam while I took Gavin. We got home, boys got bathed and I started on dinner, while my MIL and her mother came by to see the kids. The boys are getting along great - other than Sam did not want Gav to take a bath with him, but otherwise, great.

After dinner, Gavin turned on music to dance. Somehow they both managed to dance in the living room without fighting (usually Gavin gets very upset that Sam is infringing his dance space). Then they start running/racing around the living room, wrestling with each other. And totally getting along - having fun together!

I just sat back and watched. Sam just wants to be so much like his brother, copying everything he does. His naughtiness must come from mostly wanting Gavin's attention. I'm hoping he learned that being nice to him is the way to get it! Gavin would run into the kitchen, get a drink of water, Sam would do the same. Gavin would say something in passing to me, Sam would do the same.

Taking a cue from my friend Melissa, I just sat back and soaked it all in, enjoying the moment.

Then Sam put on a show for us. This kid is a huge fan of being the center of attention (as opposed to Gavin who burst into tears the first two times I showed up at his preschool for a performance, and only survived the third time because I cowered behind another parent and did not make eye contact).

Sam sang, loud and proud, the ABC song and the Wheels on the Bus. Complete with hand gestures. And a super huge grin on his face.

It was a riot.

The night was perfection.


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect :-) We need to remind each other to soak in the moment more often.

Trish said...

That's soo sweet!!

Makes me excited to have a sibling coming for Robbie!