Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I'm so proud of Gavin. Swimming has become increasingly a source of fear and tears over the last two years. After a horrible attempt at group lessons last year (Gavin wouldn't get off the wall) I knew private lessons were the way to go. And how fortuitous that I got an email from a mom on our soccer team with info about a friend of hers giving lessons at their pool this summer!

The mom is in the water and oversees the lessons. Kids from the Johnston High swim team work one on one with the kids and she kind of guides them as to what things to work on. After telling her how frightened Gavin was of the water, the plan was simple: make it fun and get him past his fear. Actual swimming was secondary!

The weeks leading up to this every time I told Gavin what was coming up, and what to expect - he burst into tears. So imagine my surprise when, upon arriving at the pool the first day (we got there a few minutes early to observe the kids in the session before us) Gavin announced to the lady "I'm not afraid of the water anymore".

And so it was. By the second lesson he was jumping off the diving board and kicking his way all across the pool with a noodle. He loves it and is begging for me to sign him up for more sessions (and oh I will!).

I can't say he's a natural, but not ever having been a big swimmer myself, I'm not sure if there are kids that just "get" swimming. Baseball, soccer, I would say he's pretty much a natural. Swimming - well, he's trying very hard. But as I watch, I can't get rid of the image of Phoebe from Friends and her crazy, flailing run. That's a bit what his swimming looks like.

The one thing about Phoebe was that even though she looked crazy, she took tremendous joy in running. And that's what I'm seeing when I watch Gavin in the water now: tremendous joy. And for that I think these lessons are an amazing success!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Genetics, according to Gavin

Gavin is always thinking. Sometimes in the conversations that we have I just have to wonder how long he's been noodling on an idea. This weekend in the car we had a conversation that just totally cracked me up.

"I look like you and Daddy. We all look the same."


"And Sam looks like Meatball"


"I'm really serious - they have the same face. I look like Mommy and Daddy, and Sam looks like the cat."

So you think Sam looks like .... Meatball?

"YES! They have the same face!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just Call Me "That Mom"

Monday night t-ball game. Since it was a make up game, we were playing on a green space which meant no fence to keep Sam from running into the middle of the game. Let's just say that with the fence, it's hard enough to keep him happy.

And I had no extra hands as Chad was working late.

First inning I pretty well kept him occupied with eating his Happy Meal. Second inning, the toy kept him occupied. But by the third inning he was having none of it. "Send me in Mom! I can play!"

Until he discovered a puddle - we've had a TON of rain here - pretty much every day for two weeks. We were going home after the game anyway, it was a million degrees out - so I didn't think twice about letting him stomp in it - at least it gave me a chance to watch Gavin a bit.

Slowly, a circle of other children formed around the puddle, and the other moms took their focus off the game and onto their children just begging to play in the puddle. And spent the third inning making sure they didn't join in the fun.

And I was "that mom" that let my kid play in the puddle, making all the other kids want to play in the puddle.

What's the big deal anyway? What's a little water (and ok, a little dirt) going to do? I wasn't letting him play in the sewer! I found it funny, and sad. All these little ones watching sadly as Sam very joyfully played. And I didn't mind one bit being "that mom".

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Dance! And another Gavin "Moment"

We have this Just Dance game for the Wii. The graphics are horrible, but the concept is great. Pick a song, follow the moves, get points for accuracy and effort. I have to hold the remote in the opposite hand so that Gavin has a chance at winning.

Last night, Gavin and I danced off for 40 minutes! Not only is it fun, it's great exercise. After half an hour, Gavin was obviously tired (he had swimming lessons again, I will save his big accomplishment for a later post!). I told him we could stop and wind down.

And then Gavin said:
"But I know you love to dance, Mommy"

Sweet boy kept going, despite being sweaty and exhausted, because he knew it made me happy. This boy has the biggest heart I know.

See? They're not always monsters!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What we've been up to

Wow, is life ever busy - we've even had to call for reinforcements this week to get everything done. (How the heck do people that don't live near families/helpful grandma's do it anyway?)

Last week Gavin had track & field camp thru Johnston Community Ed Mon - Thurs. I love these programs because it's an inexpensive way to get kids exposure to all these different sports. Gavin, of course, loved it, and is now enamored with relay races and the long jump. They even had these kids throwing 2 lb shot puts!

Sam had week 2 with the nanny coming to our house and seems to be adjusting well. His little girlfriend started coming this week and they just have a blast together. He wanted to go to sleep at 6:15 every night which I soon discouraged when I learned he would then wake at 7:30 and party til after 10. He has become quite willful and opionated (read: naughty) so we are starting to deal with the terrible toddler's (since terrible 2 is a misnomer - starts way earlier and doesn't stop at 3!)

This weekend was the Johnston Green Days celebration so we spent time at the parade and the carnival. Sam had a bit of a rough time at the parade - sitting still is not his strong suit and he didn't really understand the point of catching candy - he just wanted to run into the street.

This week swimming lessons start for Gavin. He is just terrified of the water, so hopefully these one on one lessons are what he needs to get over that. It's also the last week of baseball games, so we have an activity every day Mon - Sat. At this rate, summer will be over before we know it!

We also just booked tickets to Orlando's Nick Suites Resort. We are just taking a quick vacation before summer is over and it looks like a blast for kids - no need to leave the resort.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010


You Want Me to do What?

Oh - What's That?

Hee Hee

You Mean I can USE them?

Or Eat Them. Whatever

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation!

Monday was the last day of school and I met Gavin for the school BBQ at lunch. When I arrived in his classroom the kids were at recess and in the quiet room, contemplating this milestone I couldn't help but think of this.

The day that picture was taken, we didn't know what the future held for our tiny guy who, at the time of the picture, had slipped under two pounds in weight. Was he getting enough oxygen for his brain to develop properly? Too much? What about the brain bleeds?

Well, we got really lucky, really really lucky and before I knew it I was dropping my baby off for his first day of school. And this is the image I remember so clearly on that day.

Sometime during the year that apprehensive little boy turned into a confident, secure kid. I would drop him off and he would sling that backpack over his shoulder and walk in without hesitation.

And now my boy has graduated! Gavin we are so proud of everything you have accomplished this year. We were so lucky to have an AMAZING teacher (thank you Mrs. Paulson!), but Gavin put in a lot of hard work to achieve everything that he has. Check back for more pics of his big day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My beauties

I mean...really ridiculously good looking these two

Friday, June 4, 2010

Final Update: Soccer Game Tonight (6/4)

6 pm, Crowne Point (not regular soccer fields) email me if you are interested in coming and need directions.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had such a great weekend. We actually entertained all three days, which was so fun. Gavin spent Fri - Sun in Anita. Saturday night we had a family over that attends the same day care, and there almost 1 yr old is Sam's girlfriend. No really, they are inseparable. We have worked out an arrangement where the lady that has been taking care of them at the day care is going to come work at our house and watch the two kids. It's going to be such a nice change! In the mornings I will be able to leave for work without worrying about getting kids ready and dropping them off at day care! They were super nice and Sam wasn't even territorial with her being on his turf.

Sunday my mom, Dan, and grandma Lois came over for dinner. The boys had a blast running around the backyard and playing in the hose.

Monday we went for a bike ride - Sam was NOT a fan of riding in the trailer. Gavin did great on his bike and I think would have ridden farther had we not have to stop and hightail it back due to Sam screaming bloody murder. Shortly after we got back, my friend Amanda and her adorable family came over and we played in the backyard for hours.

It's so nice that Sam is big enough to get out and play this summer. Here's to more great weekends!

Change in Soccer Game (again)

Last soccer game has been moved back to this Saturday @ 11:45 AM

Tuesday, June 1, 2010