Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sassy Toddlers

So a couple days ago, Gavin didn't like that Chad said no to him, or something, so he told him "You can't come to the new house Daddy!". Don't let that gorgeous smile fool you - this one can have quite an attitude! It was pretty funny. We have been SO super busy. Last weekend we had a parade, bday party, Menace game, trip to Ames, and dinner at Gamma's. Thurs night we went to a baseball game . This weekend we actually have no plans! So we are going to the zoo to see the elephants one last time before they leave and we're making dinner for Janet & Dan for their anniversary tomorrow night.

Here is Gavin in a race care at the Beaverdale Car Show a couple weeks ago:

And after that, he mastered the rock climbing wall at the playground:

All that climbing and racing makes a 3 yr old hungry:

Friday, June 20, 2008


Welcome to our new site! We have a BUSY weekend planned - Green Days parade, birtday party, Menace soccer game, trip to Ames and family night. I'll slowly be adding all our old pics to this sight, but here's a couple to get us started:

Cheese! Enjoying the playground

Our little architect. He was SO proud of this creation.