Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation Recap

Ok, I know, I have been bad at keeping this updated. Here is a recap of our vacation, although I haven't had time to get our pictures uploaded yet.

Gavin did very well on the plane on the way out, he slept the better part of both flights. That afternoon we drove to the Knott's Berry Resort Hotel and played in the pool and then went to dinner. Gavin got a special surprise when Snoopy came to our room that night to tuck him in!

Wednesday we walked over to Knott's Berry Farm and Chad pretty much rode rides with Gavin for hours. There were a lot of kids rides in the Camp Snoopy area, but not much else he could ride, even with an adult. He was a little disappointed by that after being able to go on so many things at Adventureland. Right as we were leaving, we passed a stage show with the Peanuts characters. Linus came and got Gav out of the audience and pulled him on stage! After Knotts, we drove to my Dad's house near LA.

Thursday we went to the beach. The guys made a trip to get beach toys and came home with a boogie board. Gavin was not afraid of the ocean (odd since he's afraid of the pool) and hopped on the boogie board a few times.

Friday my Dad went in to work, so we drove about an hour to a science museum that had a Bob the Builder exhibit (it was free since we are members at the Science Center here - bonus!). There were all sorts of hands on exhibits. After, we went to the mall across the street for lunch, and let Gav run loose in the play area.

Saturday we took Gavin to the Santa Monica pier. They have a boardwalk with rides, and for anyone with small kids, this is the BEST DEAL EVER. We paid $10 for parking, but it didn't cost anything to get into the boardwalk. There were rides, and the Kid Zone had probably 7 or 8 rides that Gavin could ride by himself without an adult. A wristband for unlimited rides was just $11! And there were little to no lines. So he pretty much had just as good a time as at Knott's, at a fraction of the cost, since we weren't paying any adult prices, since we weren't riding any rides. Then we picked up Heston (Bridie's cousin who is interning for Adam Sandler's production company) and had him over for dinner. Adam Sandler was unavailable.

Sunday we went to the LA Zoo and then to my Dad's friends house for a BBQ. There ended up being 4 boys around the age of 4 there and Gavin had a blast being around kids again! They were too funny, the energy level just kept escalating. In the house you could just hear "hey look what I can do" coming from all of them as they tried to one-up each other in gymnastics/break dancing moves in the living room.

Monday we spent the day at the water park where Gavin had a blast. Still deathly afraid of pools, but at least they had a nice kiddie area, and free life jackets (which he actually wore willingly).

Tuesday we flew home. He slept again, which was great. His little internal clock finally returned to Central time on Saturday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th! Thursday night we watched the WDM parade with Grandma Betsy and the "kids" that live below us. Gavin was so excited to go to Anita that we ended up just letting him go with her Thursday night instead of waiting until Saturday. He came home tired Saturday evening. Sunday we stayed home and played outside with the kids for about 2 1/2 hours. After a bath, he crashed around 7 pm from all the playing and no nap. Usually that means he is up in the middle of the night, but fortunately about 10:30 he wanted something to drink and went back to sleep. He was still out at 6 this morning, so he'll be bouncing off the walls today!

Here are some pictures taken at the mall the previous weekend:

If this outfit looks familiar, yes, it is the only one he wants to wear. We remedied this during the trip to the mall this day. He now only wears Nike & Adidas! (Do you hear me Nike & Adidas? We are available if you need toddler spokesmodels......)