Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Gavin and I made it back home safely around 2 am this morning. I will post all the details of our trip in the next couple days, but first, here are two videos - the first one was taken on the 28th at Breckenridge and the second was taken on the 30th at Keystone. If you're not the skiing type, you can see improvement by watching his hands and also how smooth and steady he is in the second video. The first day and a half he was sort of wrenching his hands around when he was trying to turn side to side, by the last day he was really bending his knees and using his legs.

Yesterday he was skiing from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom without stopping. He only fell once - skidding on some ice, and he got himself back up before I could reach him. I was flying after him just to keep up - he really did an amazing job!

Click on the YouTube logo to get a bigger screen view, in the second video, he is in red and will be coming down the middle of the screen from the top of the hill.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Poor Sam has pneumonia. He had it right about this time last year too. We've been fighting cough/colds on and off around the house for a month or so now, and it finally caught up to him. Sunday afternoon he was lethargic, Monday morning he was warm. Monday afternoon Dr appt confirmed my suspected pneumonia - caught early.

Monday night was awful. I'm not sure if the antibiotic hurt his stomach, or he was jsut exhausted, but he woke up often and wouldn't let me comfort him - just screamed at me to go away. Tuesday he actually played very well in the morning, but more of the waking up and screaming at nap time. He is fortunately drinking well - and I am able to hide his antibiotics and probiotics in OJ so far undetected (he could detect the antibiotic in milk). I thought we would avoid the antibiotic induced liquid diapers, but no luck. Ugh.

Today he seems to be feeling better and went down for a nap easily and is sleeping well. His cough seems more "productive" so hoping he is getting the junk up and out. He is still coughing so hard he throws up. So that's awesome. He's not eating a whole lot - got half a piece of toast in him today and about half a cup of cooked pasta yesterday. Oh yes, and Fiber One bars, he loves those, and that's really not helping the stomach issues!

I leave you with a random cell phone pic from a while back...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toddler Meltdowns

I thought this was a great article on how to handle toddler meltdowns. Sam is at that fun age right now, and I have found he definitely has a pattern - freak out, throws himself on the floor repeatedly, then runs off to a darkish spot in the house, flops down, cries a while, asks for his blankies and milk, then lets me pick him up to comfort him.

Any intervention before the blankie request just prolongs the whole cycle! Are toddlers really any different than adults? When I am outrageously mad, I certainly don't want to "talk about it". I want to be left alone and when I'm ready to come out and play, I'll let you know. There's just more loud crying and whining with toddlers (well, maybe!).

Just kidding. I don't cry or whine......that often.

Anyway, I promise to get back to blogging about the kids and posting pics soon. Life has been hectic, here are some upcoming blog topics (for my own reminder).

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