Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Poor Sam has pneumonia. He had it right about this time last year too. We've been fighting cough/colds on and off around the house for a month or so now, and it finally caught up to him. Sunday afternoon he was lethargic, Monday morning he was warm. Monday afternoon Dr appt confirmed my suspected pneumonia - caught early.

Monday night was awful. I'm not sure if the antibiotic hurt his stomach, or he was jsut exhausted, but he woke up often and wouldn't let me comfort him - just screamed at me to go away. Tuesday he actually played very well in the morning, but more of the waking up and screaming at nap time. He is fortunately drinking well - and I am able to hide his antibiotics and probiotics in OJ so far undetected (he could detect the antibiotic in milk). I thought we would avoid the antibiotic induced liquid diapers, but no luck. Ugh.

Today he seems to be feeling better and went down for a nap easily and is sleeping well. His cough seems more "productive" so hoping he is getting the junk up and out. He is still coughing so hard he throws up. So that's awesome. He's not eating a whole lot - got half a piece of toast in him today and about half a cup of cooked pasta yesterday. Oh yes, and Fiber One bars, he loves those, and that's really not helping the stomach issues!

I leave you with a random cell phone pic from a while back...

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