Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toddler Meltdowns

I thought this was a great article on how to handle toddler meltdowns. Sam is at that fun age right now, and I have found he definitely has a pattern - freak out, throws himself on the floor repeatedly, then runs off to a darkish spot in the house, flops down, cries a while, asks for his blankies and milk, then lets me pick him up to comfort him.

Any intervention before the blankie request just prolongs the whole cycle! Are toddlers really any different than adults? When I am outrageously mad, I certainly don't want to "talk about it". I want to be left alone and when I'm ready to come out and play, I'll let you know. There's just more loud crying and whining with toddlers (well, maybe!).

Just kidding. I don't cry or whine......that often.

Anyway, I promise to get back to blogging about the kids and posting pics soon. Life has been hectic, here are some upcoming blog topics (for my own reminder).

Gavin/Mommy weekend
Sam's Italian
Gavin 1st trimester report
Boy Scouts
Potty Training
Picture posts (halloween, festival, random)

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