Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I kid you not, Sam had this conversation with me the other day. The kid can put together a logical thought and articulate it well!

Mommy, I need a TV in my room.

I need a little TV!

I can buy it.

I can get money out of my piggy bank!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He was Running!

I know....I need to post some pictures! Life has been incredibly hectic lately. Work has picked up for me, which is a good thing, and Gavin's schedule is packed.

Someone at work gasped when I talked about all the things Gavin is involved in. "he's only SIX?? kids need time to be kids! they are so overscheduled these days!"

Lest you think I am some sort of lunatic stage mom (or whatever the term would be for boys in sports!) - yes, I agree this may be too much for some kids. Gavin thrives on the activity though. He does much better when we have structured activities, and he loves being involved in all of them. The minute he tells me he doesn't want to participate in some sport, that's totally his call.

I digress. Our weeks look like this:
Monday - track practice
Tuesday - soccer practice
Wednesday - track practice
Thursday - baseball practice
Saturday - soccer game, baseball game, and possibly a track meet

He has been doing SO well at track! The progress he has made having regular practices is just amazing. Last week they had a brutal practice. He is the youngest kid on the team. He has buddied up with a boy that is a year or so older than him, so that is nice. The coach had them running the bleachers for 20 minutes. Then they ran 200m dashes (halfway around the track) - they probably ran about a mile of those. Then they had the choice of long jump or high jump, but Gavin had new spikes and wanted to run. So he and his buddy ran 400m's. They ran four of them! Another mile! His first run, he ran a time of 1:48 - which is kicking it pretty hard for a little guy. I was running the track and was about 100m behind them when they took off so I sped up to catch up with him to encourage him around. At one point I looked at my watch and he was running a 5 min/mile pace.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

General Updates


Oh boy......Sam is seriously in the middle of the terrible two's. He is so asserting his independence. He's usually the most easy going cooperative guy. BUT. When he makes up his mind to not do something (change his pants) he is the most defiant child ever. And then when we do it anyway (should have seen Chad and I trying to get pull ups on this flailing, kicking, screaming child last night) he then cries for a minimum of half an hour.

So that's fun.

In good Sam news, he is enjoying the summer nanny we hired, and I am also very happy with her! Sam is now counting to ten - unprompted of course. If you ask him to do it, he won't. He's also singing Wheels on the Bus and Rain, Rain, Go Away. We got a LOT of rain last week. His favorite food right now is vegetarian hot dogs. He has been working on his manners and I am very happy to say that the "give me" phase appears to be over, and he is now asking "Can I .......please?". The only negative there is that he always expects the answer to be yes since he's asking so politely. :)

Gavin continues to be super active and eats a massive amount of food. We are going through a TON of fruit lately - not complaining though! But I do end up making several trips to the store a week now to restock. His current favorite food is a three egg omelet with ham. And then he eats two pieces of toast and fruit. It's really no surprise given how active he is - we have sports events/practices at least 4 days a week, sometimes 5.

I can't believe that school is over at the end of next week! Yesterday his art folder came home. Either the kid is an artistic genius or the art teacher is amazing. Perhaps it's because I don't have a creative bone in my body, but there was some really cool stuff there! I'll take pictures and post know, sometime before he graduates from high school.

He's really enjoying soccer. Baseball is fun when it involves rolling around and seeing how many grass stains he can get on his white pants. Hitting off the tee is boring though. He really enjoys track and field, we spent a very chilly morning at the Waukee stadium last weekend where he ran the 100m and did the long jump event. He got 4th place over all in his age group for the long jump. I just can't help but think back to the NICU, and all the uncertainty of his future, and be super proud of that kid. The best part is that he just is who he is, and has no idea how much he has overcome.

I'm horrible at remembering to give out school pictures. They had spring ones taken and they turned out so great! Please remind me to give you one.

Coming up,we are looking forward to my cousin Krista and her family coming to stay with us Memorial Day weekend! Bring on the crazy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Since we are working on numbers with Sam, we frequently talk about how old we all are. Sam is also right now telling us he is a big boy, but also that he is Mommy's baby (and Daddy's baby too!)

Sam: I'm 2 and Bubby is 6
Sam: And Daddy is......
Sam: Daddy's 32. How old Mommy is?
Sam: Oh, Mommy's 31! Mommy's old!
Sam: Mommy's an old girl! You're an old girl Mommy!
(Laughing harder....even if the truth stings a little)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Texas Roadhouse

A couple weeks ago, during the dreary rainy period where all sports events were canceled, I took Gavin out to dinner. He was very excited to eat his steak at Texas Roadhouse, as you can see.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Whew! Whirlwind Weekend

Methinks we might have taken on too much....

This was Saturday:
8:45 soccer game
9:45 soccer game ends, hit the concession stand, head to Hoover High to register for track meet with the intention of just getting registered and then going to baseball. While there, they call the 100 m. I race back to the car, grab Gavin's track shoes and run back, get him changed into his track uniform (he looks SO cute in his purple track outfit!!) and he runs the 100 m
10:40 get to the car, change into baseball uniform, Gavin eats a pb sandwich and Sam eats a vegetarian hot dog
10:59 arrive at t-ball field literally just in time for the game to start
12:00 game over, hit the concession stand again (it's all about the treat tickets!), change back into the track uniform and head back to the track. Gavin eats Sun Chips and Sam falls asleep
12:15 back at the track, Chad stays with Sam and I go with Gav since I have already paid to get into the event once. We get there in time for the final call of the 200 m race. Gavin runs it

Gavin held up SO well running around to all his events! He and Chad then went and got their hair cut, had lunch, and bought some track spikes. Gavin is now sporting a super cool mohawk-ish look.

Sunday we went up to Ames for Eisley's 1st birthday party! The boys had fun playing with Kate's nephews, and Katie had a beautiful spread for a garden party.

We got home around 1 and Sam took a 3 1/2 hour nap while Gavin played at the neighbor's house and Chad worked in his office. It was nice peace and quiet for Mother's Day!!

Here's what's happening this week - Thursday at 5:30 Gavin has a baseball game for anyone that wants to come watch. Saturday we are skipping our soccer game and spending the day at the track meet at Waukee High School. Warning track fans, there is an admission fee ($5 at this last one). Then he has a baseball game Saturday afternoon at 3.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Game Face

This is an action shot from last weekend's game taken on my phone. Kind of a silly face! While the other team got more balls in the net this game, I was really proud of how the kids played. Gavin has such focus on the field, it is so fun to watch him really get into it! Every week they start to play more as a team and have scored some great goals by being there for each other. It will be sad to see the team break up after this season (as they move to the next age group and girls have the option of an all girls team), we've had a good group of kids and a great coach. He's really focused on just making it fun for them and Gavin really likes him.