Monday, May 9, 2011

Whew! Whirlwind Weekend

Methinks we might have taken on too much....

This was Saturday:
8:45 soccer game
9:45 soccer game ends, hit the concession stand, head to Hoover High to register for track meet with the intention of just getting registered and then going to baseball. While there, they call the 100 m. I race back to the car, grab Gavin's track shoes and run back, get him changed into his track uniform (he looks SO cute in his purple track outfit!!) and he runs the 100 m
10:40 get to the car, change into baseball uniform, Gavin eats a pb sandwich and Sam eats a vegetarian hot dog
10:59 arrive at t-ball field literally just in time for the game to start
12:00 game over, hit the concession stand again (it's all about the treat tickets!), change back into the track uniform and head back to the track. Gavin eats Sun Chips and Sam falls asleep
12:15 back at the track, Chad stays with Sam and I go with Gav since I have already paid to get into the event once. We get there in time for the final call of the 200 m race. Gavin runs it

Gavin held up SO well running around to all his events! He and Chad then went and got their hair cut, had lunch, and bought some track spikes. Gavin is now sporting a super cool mohawk-ish look.

Sunday we went up to Ames for Eisley's 1st birthday party! The boys had fun playing with Kate's nephews, and Katie had a beautiful spread for a garden party.

We got home around 1 and Sam took a 3 1/2 hour nap while Gavin played at the neighbor's house and Chad worked in his office. It was nice peace and quiet for Mother's Day!!

Here's what's happening this week - Thursday at 5:30 Gavin has a baseball game for anyone that wants to come watch. Saturday we are skipping our soccer game and spending the day at the track meet at Waukee High School. Warning track fans, there is an admission fee ($5 at this last one). Then he has a baseball game Saturday afternoon at 3.

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