Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He was Running!

I know....I need to post some pictures! Life has been incredibly hectic lately. Work has picked up for me, which is a good thing, and Gavin's schedule is packed.

Someone at work gasped when I talked about all the things Gavin is involved in. "he's only SIX?? kids need time to be kids! they are so overscheduled these days!"

Lest you think I am some sort of lunatic stage mom (or whatever the term would be for boys in sports!) - yes, I agree this may be too much for some kids. Gavin thrives on the activity though. He does much better when we have structured activities, and he loves being involved in all of them. The minute he tells me he doesn't want to participate in some sport, that's totally his call.

I digress. Our weeks look like this:
Monday - track practice
Tuesday - soccer practice
Wednesday - track practice
Thursday - baseball practice
Saturday - soccer game, baseball game, and possibly a track meet

He has been doing SO well at track! The progress he has made having regular practices is just amazing. Last week they had a brutal practice. He is the youngest kid on the team. He has buddied up with a boy that is a year or so older than him, so that is nice. The coach had them running the bleachers for 20 minutes. Then they ran 200m dashes (halfway around the track) - they probably ran about a mile of those. Then they had the choice of long jump or high jump, but Gavin had new spikes and wanted to run. So he and his buddy ran 400m's. They ran four of them! Another mile! His first run, he ran a time of 1:48 - which is kicking it pretty hard for a little guy. I was running the track and was about 100m behind them when they took off so I sped up to catch up with him to encourage him around. At one point I looked at my watch and he was running a 5 min/mile pace.

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