Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ski Trip 2013 - 1st ski day

First day of skiing done and I am EXHAUSTED!!

The drive yesterday went very well, we made awesome time and the kids were as well behaved as could be expected. As soon as we hit the mountain we got into some weather, again, to be expected. Rain turned to snow turned to icy roads. But I'll take an hour of stressed out driving because it meant fresh powder!

We are staying at Cirque Lodge at Copper Mountain, on recommendation from a friend. It happened to be a fairly good deal too. We are in a two bedroom condo and it has an awesome deck, nice features, and we have a ski locker, gym, pool, hot tubs at our disposal. It's a bit of a walk to get to the lifts, certainly not bad if it were just me, but far for little kids. Copper Mountain does have these carts all over the place though, that you can use to haul your equipment (and children) around. Remind me to tell you how fun it is to pull a cart + 40 lb preschooler, plus our skis through fresh powder after a long day of skiing. Partially uphill. At least I am getting a full body workout.

Photo: View from the deck
View from our deck
Photo: Someone is excited to be here
Someone was excited to get here
Sam was signed up for ski and Gav and I skied together. Everything went very smooth at ski school drop off and Sam wasn't nervous at all. Gav and I headed for the ski lift - which wasn't very busy! I don't know if it's just like this on Sundays in general, but we were never waiting in lines.

Photo: Happiest mommy ever with these too
Dropping Sam off

We sailed down some green runs and Gavin had no problem remembering how to ski. It was snowing pretty hard the first hour or so, and then the rest of the day it snowed on and off. It was nice at the base of the mountain, but really cold when we approached the top of a couple of the lifts.

We progressed to some blue runs and then tried to plan out a black. I do find the signage at Copper a little hard to follow. We had a hard time sticking to our planned route due to a trail cutting across a mountain and not being able to make it over there. In the end we only hit one or two black trails, they were really hard! And Gavin does not ski easy - he is really cautious and doesn't get out of control but he also doesn't stop til he gets all the way to the bottom. I love how cautious he is, but that means more turning (more work for the quads) and then not getting a rest break (Copper has really nice, long runs) was making me cramp up a bit. I was also diagnosed with iron deficiency Friday, so the fact that my muscles are not getting / storing / using oxygen as they should doesn't help. Constant lactic acid pain is not the most fun thing.

Photo: Really? Why are you taking my picture when we could be skiing??
Last picture, he was getting tired, cold and kinda over it
Around 2:15 we headed back to the lodge where I would have to pick up Sam at 3. Gavin was done skiing, so I set him up with some hot chocolate while I carried his ski's back to our condo and got the ski harness for Sam in case he wanted to ski more.

I picked up Sam from ski school, and was a bit bummed with the results. He couldn't stop, could barely snow plow and could only turn right. Oof. We went into the lodge and met up with Gav and Chad and Sam promptly started melting down while simultaneously insisting he was ok to come on the ski lift and down the hill with me. Against my better judgment, we took off. He cheered up once he got the ski's back on.

We made it on and off the lift without consequence. Woohoo!

I started out trying the harness and he just fell backwards. We then did the Sam skiing between my legs while holding on to my poles, and it worked as long as it wasn't too steep. He was pretty tired by this point and just getting him to put his weight on his own legs (instead of leaning back on me) was nearly impossible. I think it took us about 45 minutes to make it down the run (remember what I said about the nice long runs? I take that back) and not only were my quads on fire but my lower back as well.

So I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to talk him into another ski lesson tomorrow, but I have reservations because I'm not sure he got a lot out of it today. I've heard good things about the harness, so I am now off to google You Tube videos on how to teach a 4 yr old to ski using one.

Wish me luck. And strong muscles. And patience.

Oh and the hubs? He dropped Sam off with us at ski school, helped Gav and I get our gear on, checked out the village, and did some snow shoeing!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I'll Love You For A Million and 71 Days

~ quote by Samson Sellers

Sam, as many 4 yr olds are, is a complete split personality.

On one hand, he is loving, sweet, sensitive and attentive.

The other side is devious, trouble making, mouthy, and temper tantrum-y.

Both happen in the extreme.

When he is in a loving mood, I get showered with lots of "I love you's" and smooches. He'll usually say something like "I love you for the WHOLE weekend, mama!"

A weekend seems like a pretty long time for a little kid after all! As we went back and forth with how long we'd love each other, he topped out at a million and seventy one days. Good enough for this mama.

Another great example of his caring spirit - my fellow preemie mom friend's daughter Daphne just had a kidney transplant last week. She's four, and recovery has been tough. She needs to start moving around more to aid in recovery, so I thought making some video of Sam dancing around would inspire her to move, shimmy and shake a bit, if nothing else, it might cheer her up. We made one Saturday and the next day he woke up and asked how "Daph-a-nee" was doing and if she was still in the hospital. When I told her that she was, he wanted to record another video for her. I have linked them below if you want to check out his moves!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Boy and His Cat

Gavin loves this cat so much! For those that don't know the story, we picked out Meatball from the rescue league in January of 2007. He was already named Meatball. We knew he was the cat for us, and for Gavin as a pesky-to-animals two yr old when Gavin reached into his cage, picked up a little ball and chucked it right at the cat's head.

Meatball didn't even flinch, bite, or meow.

Ever since then it has been true love. 
Meatball really loves this. I promise.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sam Has Big Goals

Saturday morning, Sam bounced out of the bathroom and announced:

"I'm going to wear my skeleton underwear ALL weekend!"

Shoot for the stars, kid  :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gavin can Hold a Ten Minute Plank

You are going to be getting some really random posts. I have lost the cord for my camera, so I can't get the pictures off of it until I get a new one. In the meantime, enjoy the randomness and camera pics.

One of the exercises we do during our core work out at track practice is the plank. We usually hold it for a minute, kids whining and complaining the whole way through.

The kids all seem to have abs and six packs on the brain, so they are starting to challenge each other. First, Gavin held the plank for 2 minutes.

Then a few days later he held it for 3 minutes.

Saturday morning after practice he held it for 3 min 10 sec.

Last night he held it for TEN minutes. He wasn't worn out from running before hand, but still. That is super ridiculous.