Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had such a great weekend. We actually entertained all three days, which was so fun. Gavin spent Fri - Sun in Anita. Saturday night we had a family over that attends the same day care, and there almost 1 yr old is Sam's girlfriend. No really, they are inseparable. We have worked out an arrangement where the lady that has been taking care of them at the day care is going to come work at our house and watch the two kids. It's going to be such a nice change! In the mornings I will be able to leave for work without worrying about getting kids ready and dropping them off at day care! They were super nice and Sam wasn't even territorial with her being on his turf.

Sunday my mom, Dan, and grandma Lois came over for dinner. The boys had a blast running around the backyard and playing in the hose.

Monday we went for a bike ride - Sam was NOT a fan of riding in the trailer. Gavin did great on his bike and I think would have ridden farther had we not have to stop and hightail it back due to Sam screaming bloody murder. Shortly after we got back, my friend Amanda and her adorable family came over and we played in the backyard for hours.

It's so nice that Sam is big enough to get out and play this summer. Here's to more great weekends!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sam wants to be out with rest of the family. Isn't there a seat you can mount behind yours?