Friday, October 7, 2011


We've been trying to get Samson to cut his hair for some time, considering it's always in his eyes.

This cool kid, finally agreed (he's been refusing for a LONG time, staying true to his name, I suppose). But he demanded a mohawk.

There you have it folks, my big kid with a mohawk. I picked him up from school yesterday and literally couldn't find him on the playground. There are a lot of blond short haired boys in his class (perhaps the downside of a Lutheran program is lack of diversity?) and I was staring right at him and did not even recognize him until he came running at me.

He was holding pretty tight to those suckers, but sweet boy did offer me the orange one. "I saved this sucker for YOU, Mommy!"

And in other sweet, sharing news, last night after the soccer game, Gavin got a bag of chips and a rice krispie treat that the parents brought for treats. He gave his brother the rice krispie treat and Sam was SO happy that Gavin shared with him. As much as they like to fight sometimes (read: Sam picks on Gavin who retaliates), Sam just lights up when his brother does something really nice for him like that.

I suspect it's because Gavin doesn't actually LIKE rice krispie treats, but let's just overlook that fact for now, k?

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