Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Boy!

So we are going to be having another boy and I couldn't be more excited! I can't imagine our child looking any different than Gavin, so it will be interesting to see what this one looks like. Saw the high risk doctors today and everything looks great once again. This is the week where things head south (literally!) and I really didn't believe that everything would still be ok at this point, but it is!

Here are some recent pics Chad took playing with Gav. He is such a ham. He is learning so much in his new classroom at school, comes home reciting entire songs, and learning his letters. We've been very busy lately, last weekend we had a birthday party and this weekend he is going to Grandma Betsy's and then Sunday to Living History Farms to trick or treat. Next weekend we have fun night at his school and there is a free Justin Roberts concert at the mall we might go to. He is such a little jabberbox lately too. He's asking all sorts of interesting questions, like why the "little people" he saw on a commercial for "Little People Big World" are so small. He also says funny things like "Mom - did you see that funky tree?". Very entertaining these days.

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Anonymous said...

So glad that everything is going so well for you! And, another boy! Between you, Jodie & Krista - you almost have a baseball team!!

Love, Aunt Marcia