Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MN here we come!

We have been having a fun time with Grandpa Rui this week. He flew in Saturday and is staying with us through next Wednesday. The boys took to him right away, and he was a good sport putting up with their abuse.

On Sunday, the Saldanha clan came over for lunch (Chris, Kate, and Eisley) and E showed off her crawling skills. Sam gets very excited whenever people "come to my house", so he was thrilled that they came over.

Tonight we are headed up to Ames to have dinner with them and celebrate my little brother turning 28 (ugh that makes me feel old!).

Tomorrow Gavin gets out early from school and has Friday off, so we are heading to the Mall of America. Oddly enough, I have never been there! We are staying at the water park hotel, so will do the water park tomorrow night and on Friday see the aquarium and ride the rides at Nick Universe.

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