Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Quirky Boys

I'm remiss in posting. My apologies. I have pics from the 4th of July that still need posted. Eek!

Since I don't have much time, I thought I would throw you a little nugget from this weekend. These boys are crazy, and loud, and frustrating at times, but in between all that are some moments that just make me so very glad.

We hit up the mall yesterday to get them some clothes. Gavin is in size 8 and has no winter clothes. Sam also needs some - their hand me down sizes are unfortunately not lining up - Gavin skipped size 3 winter clothes. We have size 3 summer clothes, but that was the time period where he went from 30% in height to 75% in height and we went up a couple sizes in a year! So we only have size 2 and 4 winter clothes, and 2 is too small and 4 is too big. Argh.

Also, Gavin only wants to wear jeans. He's too skinny for size 8 but needs the length. None of the brands at Younkers have adjustors, so we will have to go on a quest to get jeans for him. Some FB friends gave great suggestions (what did I do without Facebook??).

I digress.

As we were walking out of Younkers, I glanced back at Gavin. There was music playing and he was dancing as he walked. Doing his funky robot moves, totally in his own world, dancing to his own drummer. He's so awesome!

Later as we were walking to the play area, Sam was holding my hand. Every three or four steps he would do a twirl. This continued most of the length of the mall. Also awesome!

There's something about seeing a kid that just.has.to.dance that makes me so happy......especially when they are mine!

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