Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Want....

to read a grown up book all the way through

to see Brothers & Sisters return to TV

to do better at loving unconditionally

to make the transition to being a vegan

to get a degree in nutrition sciences

to recover from this running injury and kill the next half-marathon I run

to have an all-day spa pampering complete with champagne and fuzzy slippers with my bestie Becky

to have this upcoming IVF cycle for said bestie work so that she can experience all the wonderful things that I have experienced in motherhood

to stop underestimating people

to raise my boys to be amazing stewards of their gifts and talents

to believe that one day I will be reunited with my grandfather and Ella

to visit India

to hit the ski slopes at least twice with Gavin this season

to live each day with gratitude

Thanks to my fabulous bloggy/preemie mom friend Mel for this terrific blog idea

What do you want?

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