Thursday, March 8, 2012

Realities of a 3 yr Old

Sam cracks me up. For all the not so desirable behaviors that come with this age, I love his imagination and story telling right now. I don't really remember much of this with Gavin, but Gavin was not as developed in speech at this age, nor has he really engaged much in imaginative play.

The funny thing about Sam's stories is how he believes they really happened - or at least I think he does. Either that, or he's a terrific liar and we are screwed. I'm hoping for the first one.

Recent realities, according to Sam:

A curtain rod cracked and fell down in our room, oh, about a year ago. It's still on the floor and there is a pink towel hanging in the window to keep out the light
Sam and I were sitting in my bedroom and he started telling me how the curtain broke. How he broke it, and pulled it down (he didn't). He went into great detail about this. Then he went on to tell me how he didn't want to have the light shining in Dad's face, so he hung a towel up. A green towel.
We were sitting right in front of the window. With a pink towel hanging in it.
"Sam, don't you mean a pink towel - that towel is pink?"
"No, mommy! A green towel. I hung up a green towel. That towel is green!"

We got home and Chad wasn't home
Sam: "I just dropped him off at Merle Hay. I drove him there"

The kids are going to our old nanny's house Saturday so I can go on a long run with a friend
Sam: "Another KK is going to be there"
"No, Sam, KK doesn't live with Trisha. KK lives with her mommy and daddy"
"Not THAT KK! There are two KK's! One lives with her mommy and daddy, and the other KK lives with Trisha!!!! In her basement."

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