Sunday, October 7, 2012

Running, Soccer, Eat, Repeat

That is pretty much what our fall has felt like!

Bridie and Chad have really started running a lot, so we are squeezing our running time in during lunch hours, early in the morning, or during a rare block of time in the evening.

Gavin is running cross country and is doing so well!! He really seems to love the sport and says he likes it way better than track. He really enjoys being out on the cross country course, running up and down hills, and has an incredibly competitive drive. He's consistently beating kids 2 - 5 years older than him. We're pretty much a sure bet to go to nationals for cross country, which is good because our tickets are already booked!

Gavin is also playing soccer this fall which he continues to enjoy, except for when it's freezing and windy like yesterday.

School is definitely more work this year and the new math program has been an adjustment for Gavin. I am not convinced about the new curriculum, but I guess time will tell.

Sam is playing i9 soccer (since he's not old enough for Johnston soccer) and I got roped into coaching the team, which means trying to wrangle twelve 3-4 yr olds and trying to keep six of them on the field at all times. Sam is a pretty fair weather soccer player, this boy is not a fan of the cold! I am re-thinking whether or not it is a good idea to teach him to ski this year. He also likes coming to cross country practice and running on the track with the kids once in a while. Right now I am not seeing the same sports drive in him that I see in Gavin, but maybe that will change.

Sam continues to enjoy his school and has a crazy active imagination.

Yesterday we had special one on one days with the kids. I took Sam to soccer, the circus and then home to play. Chad took Gavin to soccer, a cat show (not kidding, he saw an ad in the paper and I knew Gav would love it- he did) and to Ames for a quick informal wedding, and then they played at an arcade. It had been too long in coming, and it's so important to give the kids that individual attention once in a while.

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