Monday, November 5, 2012

Sam's Freakin' Bucket List

Sam Sellers, as always, is precocious and keeps our hands very very full. His latest joy is the very liberal use of the word "freakin'".

As in "I don't want you to go to your stupid, freakin' job today".

Or when he is mad, he simply just yells "freakin'!!".

He apparently told Chad a couple weeks ago about his bucket list.

He wants to:

Go Fishing
Ride a Train (and he wants to sleep on it)
Fly in a Helicopter

We are planning our trip to New Mexico for USATF Cross Country Junior Olympic Nationals and there is a train we can ride there. Chad told me that we could fulfill one of the things on Sam's bucket list. I hadn't heard them yet, so Sam jumped up and rattled them off for me.

Oh, that freakin' kid.

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