Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Been a While

You'd think with Chad not working, I'd have more time to write, but to be honest - being chained to a computer all day, the last thing I want to do when I get home is fire up the laptop.

So here is a rundown of the last few months.

Christmas in Des Moines - kids spent a couple days at Grandma Betsy's, then we were in Des Moines for a few days after Christmas. I was able to work out of the Johnston office and it was great to catch up with old friends and the kids friends.

January - Sam turned FIVE!! What? He wasn't already five? He is getting to be quite a handful. Super smart with a a sassy attitude. Most recently has asked if we could pay the school $10 to skip him to 2nd grade (he starts kindergarten this fall), is doing math at a first grade level and is bored at pre-school because they don't learn enough.

February - it was cold. We survived. Gavin played on a rec basketball league and loved it! The team was pretty rough, but by the last games he was making a basket or two each game. Gavin also played in a fun indoor soccer tournament in Gretna Valentine's weekend. 

March - it's still cold! Chad ran, and WON!! his first 50k race. The Stampede Run put on by Angry Cow Adventures in Roca, NE. It was 8 degrees out. He is amazing! We took an awesome ski trip to Steamboat Colorado over spring break. Pictures to come (promise). We've been back a week and this weather is seriously getting old. It was super cold for Thanksgiving and it's still super cold almost four months later. My kids are nuts they are so cooped up - it's been a rough weekend behavior wise, despite Chad taking them to the kids museum yesterday and out to lunch. Also in March, Chad helped organize the Leprechaun Chase in Des Moines.

Speaking of kids museum, the Lincoln Children's Museum is awesome. At Gavin's age, he is probably starting to get a little old for it, but I would say for ages 3 - 7, this place is great. There are so many fun, hands on things to do there. 

Here are some pictures from one of my cell phones since I happened to have it plugged in to the computer for another purpose. 

Kids with Grandma Betsy at Christmas
Bridie's cousin Taylor helping Sam with Lego's

Bridie's cousin Heston (Taylor's brother) helping Gav with micro machines

Sam is in that "can't take a normal picture" phase
Sam and my cousins son Hayden, in a chess match over Christmas

My niece, Miss Eisley, showing off her mad ballerina skills

After the state writing test, Gav's school had the parents come and meet the kids for lunch and the kids presented their writing. I loved this note that was on all the lunch tables.

Children's Museum - mug shot

Children's museum - motorcycle

At a church by our house, there is a rock maze. On a rare warmish day Sam and I took a walk through it.

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