Monday, November 24, 2008

My Little Man

Gavin is such a little man these days. He has taken the fact that I can't carry him or lift heavy things very well (much better than I had ever expected!). So Sunday we had one more load of laundry to do and Chad wasn't home to carry the basket down the hall to the laundry room for me. Gavin really wanted his blanket washed, so we loaded up the basket and he pushed it all the way down the hall for me, and all the way back when we were all done. It was so cute! He's really growing up, although he still has his moments, especially when he is tired that he reverts back to tantrums and the pacifier. I was convinced he would give it up on his own, but I'm starting to think he won't.

Tomorrow we go to the dentist for the first time, which will be exciting (hopefully!). We also found out that we most likely will be closing on our house mid-December, which is SUPER exciting.

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