Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, etc

We spent Thanksgiving at Jen & Bridget's house this year (I didn't want to travel to the farm) and Gavin had so much fun playing with Jen's nieces. We were there 6 hours and didn't hear him whine or cry once! He also insisted on sitting by them and wanted me at the other table (guess I would have cramped his style with the ladies). So double bonus, I was able to eat a meal in peace!
Saturday we congregated at Gamma's house because Krista and Ben (Bridie's cousins) were in town. We had 6 out of the 7 great-grandkids in one place. And all age 4 and under! It was pretty loud, but the kids all got along well. We may have established a new family tradition of the "kids table" being eating on the floor. Literally. Paper plates and we sat on the floor - it was perfect! Somehow the only one to make a mess was me when I knocked over my drink!
So Gavin now talks non-stop. Last night the conversation went down a path I wasn't entirely sure how to answer. But he's a smarty - it must have dawned on him that since I have a baby in my tummy, at some point the baby has to get out. So he started asking me all about how the baby is going to get out, and will it hurt, and can he come ("I'll stand right by Dad"). He was very curious as to how it will all work, so I guess I need to find a book that explains all that to toddlers. I muddled through but don't think I gave him a straight answer on any of it!
Here are some random pictures:

Helping Grandma Lois with her birthday candles

Penelope (Ben's daughter and the only girl of this generation), Hayden and Romeo (Jodie's sons)

The back of Gavin's head and Dylan (Krista's youngest boy)

Chris and Aaron (Krista's middle boy)

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