Friday, January 23, 2009

EEK! Just four more weeks

Time is flying! Just four more weeks until the stitch, and potentially the baby comes out. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by!

Today is Gavin's last day at Childtime, and I am so sad. It's hard to leave a place he has been at for over two years, and his teachers love him so much. They are having a party for him today, and this morning I came in and they had made a big sign saying "Good-Bye Gavin! We will miss you!". We picked Childtime because Gavin just wanted to stay and play when we visited. That's pretty much how we picked the new one too, so hopefully he is as happy there.

We had such a nice day on Wednesday, Gav had a dentist appt and I had a Dr appt, so I took half a day off and we ran around town together. We picked out his new backpack for his new pre-school and Gavin came to my Dr appt with me - he was so cute and excited to hear the baby's heart! Then we went and registered him for Kindergarten - which makes me feel so old! The ladies in the office were SO nice and fawned all over him and gave him a doughnut, so of course he loved it and is very excited to start school.

Where is the time going? Our trip to MN went well and Monster Jam was a success, as wel as our shopping trip to IKEA. Now Chad has a bunk bed to put together! This weekend Gavin is going to Anita with Grandma Betsy to spend the night, so I am hoping to get the baby room all organized. I have a feeling this is the last chance I will get any time to myself for a very long time!

I will get some new pictures posted soon

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