Thursday, April 8, 2010


Knock on wood
PLEASE knock on wood!

Sam is healthy. Nary a sniffle in over a week. Sleeping so much better (still gets up once in the night). But - you know - better than 3. I'm getting at least 4 hours of straight sleep at night!

After the last ear infection, he's also not congested. He hasn't had a rash in a while - I did figure out that the veggie straws that he loved (made with sunflower oil) was a culprit. We've even ever so slowly and slightly added some dairy - some yogurt and cheese. Still on the rice milk though. We're in a good place right now and I am afraid to over do it!

He's all over the place lately. He's totally obsessed with being outside and the first thing he does in the morning is point outside to our play ground.

Last Friday early access came to evaluate him. I was a little worried that he seemed to have regressed on language since he had the chronic ear infections that started up back in January. But he was way ahead of where they wanted him to be on his scores in every area. They didn't even adjust his age and he was scoring in the 18 - 24 month developmental range! It's so strange having a not delayed kid. Not that Gavin was super delayed - but he did everything on the long side of "normal". To think he wasn't even walking at this age!

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