Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's New?

I am horrible with the updates lately. These kids are keeping me busy!

  • I've been going to the gym fairly religiously. I am determined to become a runner. Gavin is too. We all went to the track when we got home yesterday and ran a few laps. Gavin and I ran 4 all together (a mile) and 2 of them he made it all the way around without stopping!
  • Spring sports season is upon us. We are three games in on soccer and they are having a great season! Much improvement over last fall, although they are down a player. So Gavin has been playing more in the game (and scoring a lot of goals!) Baseball practices are under way - first game is May 8th.
  • Gavin is chugging right along at school. He comes home and tells me he wants hot lunch the next day because "he read it's going to be a ham sandwich. I read it outside the Kindergarten classroom" (I swell with pride). He's growing up so fast. No really, he's up to my rib cage!
  • Sam is growing, growing, growing. He seems so ahead to me in development, since Gavin was on the far end of the typical timeline due to his prematurity. Sam is actually ahead, despite being 7 weeks early (according to the Early Access eval). I think a lot of it is due to having an older brother to watch. He loves to dribble the soccer ball, throws fairly well, tries to jump on the trampoline, climbs on everything, speeds up the basement stairs. He's really trying to run but his upper body goes faster than his legs, resulting in a nose dive into the floor. Fortunately this trick has only been tried on the carpeted areas of the house.
  • We seem to have Sam's allergies under control. He can handle small amounts of dairy - yogurt a few times a week, a small amount of cheese. Knock on wood we have been ear infection free for a couple weeks now. Although one tube is plugged up - we've been using ear drops to try to get it to open, and see the ENT again this Thursday. If the drops didn't get it, I will have to hold him down so they can reach in and open it up. I'm just glad we are taking care of it before....
  • Our California vacation! A week from now we will be on the beach. I am beyond excited to get away. Please think uneventful thoughts for our trip.
  • We will come back and be super busy - we return the 7th and on the 8th we have the March of Dimes walk (not too late to make a contribution or join our team!), soccer and baseball games.
  • I do have pictures. I will put them up. I am scheduling a picture post to post tomorrow, so please check back.

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