Monday, December 13, 2010

If Only Oreo Crops Were Real

This weekend we were driving out to Gavin's soccer game and we passed by a section of Grimes along the highway that had some undeveloped land.

"Mom....look! It looks like they are growing Oreo's on that field!"

The ground was black from dirt that had been tilled....or whatever you do to push all the grass under and make the ground just dirt. On top of the dirt was a thin blanket of snow. It looked exactly like a field growing Oreo's! lucky am I to be able to see life through the eye's of a child....


Anonymous said...

I'll have to make him Oreo truffles like we had at a party last weekend. Great way to make a farmer out of that boy! Growing chocolate goodies! Gamma Jamma

KD said...

What a beautiful post! It captures one of the very best things about having children...thank you for the warm smile :)

BTW - thank you for your comment on my guest post at work, wife,! It's so true that we moms need to support one another!