Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Photo's

My cousin Krista and family stayed at our place for a couple nights over Thanksgiving. They live in Illinois and we are lucky to be able to get together a couple times a year. Her oldest is about 6 months older than Gavin and her youngest is 9 months older than Sam. So the house was rowdy with 5 boys aged 6 and under in one place!

This morning cracked me up when I realized they had somehow happened to line up at the counter by order of age:


Friday after T-day I took the boys down to Festival of Trees. Sam could not get enough of the train. He rode that thing for at least half an hour.

 Gavin spent most of his tickets at the prize wheel. He was trying so hard to score a coveted Target dog. There were only a few available and he had seen them in the garage as I was collecting prizes for the event. He was so happy when he won it!

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