Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sam's Race

Not to be outdone by his big brother, Sam also ran the track this weekend.

During the meet, there is a break around noon. They have a fun run for the little kids, and Coach McCool (yes that's really the coach's name!) kept talking to Sam about his chance to run on the track. By 12:30 he was hot and grumpy and needing a nap, but I walked him out there anyway. At first he was a bit hesitant - you know when you feel that resistance on your hand and they dig their heels in? But when I pointed out the other little kids he decided he wanted to do it.

It was only about a 50m run. They lined up all the two and unders, and Sam quickly shook off a little girl that wanted to hold his hand. Ready, Set, GO! And they were off. He didn't stay in his lane, and he wanted to keep running past the line of parents at the finish line. But he was very proud of his ribbon and was happy to tell people he got "first place" (it was actually 2nd) and how fast he was.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures or video of any of the track meet. I need to start having my own photographer with me! Between wrangling Sam, spikes, water bottles, and then the insane frenzy I get myself into during the race, who has time for pictures? I'll try to do a better job in MN, if not actually snapping pics during the race, maybe I can at least document the fact that we were there.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I would pay big money to see pictures of that. 2 and under? That is too cute.

NovelTeaMommy said...

That is awesome! Great to make it a fun endeavor the the little ones who don't usually get to participate :)