Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We spent a totally miserable day at the Ankeny track on Saturday! We woke up to rainy and 60-ish weather, but the meet was still on, so Gavin and I headed out there. Chad and Sam came later to watch his events.

The 400m race was rough - it was fairly windy and Gavin placed 7th and ran 10 seconds slower than he had the previous weekend. The winner ran 4 seconds slower than the previous weekend and some other parents I knew had kids running 10 seconds slower, so I guess that's what the conditions dictated!

The long jump was the highlight of the day though. The week before they had really started working hard on the long jump - one day using a ramp to get the feeling of "hang time" and another day putting orange foam cones down for the kids to jump over. Gavin was so cute - he told me they were jumping over "orange knives".

The exercises totally worked.....the week before, Gavin had fallen back twice on his jumps. This weekend, his first jump looked good, but it was hard to tell from where we were standing. He looked at us and threw his arms in the air with a big smile, so he was happy. He jumped 3 more times and they all looked good. When he was done, he had no idea how far he had gone.

We waited.......and waited.......and waited for the results to get called. We got excited when they called the Primary girls results, thinking we would be next. We weren't. Chad and Sam left. We waited some more.

When they finally called the results, Gavin placed 2nd! With a personal record of 8'2". He was super excited, and he broke the record for Johnston Track club for his age group.

Still no pictures, the weather was prohibitive.

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Sarah said...

Wow, congrats Gavin!! Sorry the weather was lousy - it's been a bad weather kind of year around these parts.