Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Races

Yesterday we had an early morning of racing! Gav and I left the house around 6:30 to stop at my mom's and pick up Dan & Jan. We hit the Urbandale course at Walker Johnson Park around 7:15 for my race that started at 7:30. It was a nice cool morning for it, and I was happy with my time - 26:23. I started at the back of the pack though, and my watch clocked my distance at 3.18 miles (a 5K is 3.1) so I figure my actual starting to finish line was somewhere around 25:30 - which was well under my goal time of 26 minutes!

Then Chad and Sam got there to cheer on Gavin (Sam has not been an early morning riser lately, so they got a pass on seeing me run!). I forgot to start my watch so I don't know Gavin's time - but it doesn't really matter. He gave it his all, and that's what counts! He came through the finish line in good form, giving it one last kick, sweating and out of breath. He ran the whole mile and didn't have to stop and walk. He came in 19th over all for the boys, but that included kids in middle school. We were so proud of him!

Then Sam ran the Tot Trot, which was just the cutest thing ever. Gavin was such a proud big brother and wanted to be the one helping him at the starting line. Both boys enjoyed nice cold popsicles as a reward for their effort!

I have more pictures that I need to download (shocking right?) but here are some that my mom snapped.

Pre-Race Pep Talk by Grandpa Dan

Awesome form coming to the finish line (and I think I need to go after an Adidas sponsorship!)

Sam's race - with Gavin close behind and me cheering him on

"I didn't want to hug the bear" - Sam who is not a fan of fuzzy things


Marissa said...

LOVE this post...awesome seeing the whole family ACTIVE :) Love it!!!

thanks for participating in my race!

Sarah said...

Just out of curiosity, does all of that preemie energy help him run? Also, we're thinking we might want to try Adventureland this year so we *might* be headed your way - this entirely depends on Erik's schedule. I should be able to give you more than 24 hours' notice this time :) We'd love to see you guys if we could.

Bridie said...

I think it does when he channels it. He has two speeds (like his mama!) 150% mode or half-assed and lazy - like Saturday he was crying and complaining after just half a mile on the track at an easy pace, so I actually was dreading this race a little but he pulled it out. On the other hand, when we don't give him an outlet like sports to burn it all off, that's when we have behavior issues. He has also the crazy preemie pain tolerance, so I wouldn't be surprised if that helps him as he moves to longer distances as he gets more experienced.

We would LOVE to go to Adventureland with you! I've promised the boys we would go again. Let me know even if you have an idea of the window of dates you may make it so that I can block my work calendar as it tends to fill up. I'm out next week and then possible 7/18-7/20.

Sarah said...

Okay, it wouldn't be for a few weeks anyway. Erik and I are both booked for 3 weeks.