Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Battle

Life with boys

The boys have been getting along really well lately. Don't get me wrong, they still have their moments, but for the most part really well. Like, I'm a little scared they are going to gang up on us well.

The latest primetime event in the living room is "The Battle". Gavin was given this Nerf thing for his birthday - I'm not sure what it is - a battle axe or something. It's soft. It sat untouched for months until recently.

I think that Chad and Zach taking Sam to a wrestling show while we were skiing may have had something to do with this.....but maybe not.

At any rate, every evening, the boys put on baseball hats - a new cap we bought in Breck for Gavin, Gavin's old Etnies hat for Sam - and The Battle begins.

Sam holds the battle axe and Gavin just tries to defend himself. They bounce off the couch, throw in some breakdance moves on the floor. And pretty much Sam tries to beat the crap out of Gavin.

He'll cut a *****

The best part is? They are actually getting along. They have so much fun, and while it is loud, there is no screaming or crying. They even pick up the living room in preparation for The Battle. They get some aggression out, get some exercise, and spend time playing together.

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