Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Love Letter

God help me when Gavin discovers this blog. Let's just keep it between us all right??

This should go without saying, but DO NOT repeat most of these stories I share on here with him. It creeps him out that everyone knows all these things, and this story, is particularly embarassing to him.

Before winter break, I was doing the nightly clean out of Gavin's backpack. I found a large piece of contruction paper, with a drawing of a snowman.

Along the side of the paper:

Dear Gavin,

Merry Christmas.

Love you!

You are like a warm, cool snowman.

Sabrina M.

Just who is Sabrina M? I don't know! Even though I am in the classroom every week, I can not for the life of me place her. I'm not there tomorrow due to a work conflict but you know I will be checking this chick out next week.

I asked Gavin if this girl liked him or if he played with her or if he had a girlfriend. He rolled his eyes at me and said he didn't know why she gave him that.

I believe him. He's going to be one of those oblivious boys. He's also super cute, with eyelashes that make strangers swoon, funny and quirky, nice and kind to others, and sweet.

All traits that I am so proud he possesses......except when it comes to girls. Girls are awful. I know. I was (am?) one. Although I like to think I have outgrown the awful. Mostly.

I hope he remains oblivious to their advances for a long, long time. And after that, I just hope he doesn't get his heart crushed. He I couldn't take it.

This isn't the first time either. As early as Kindergarten he had girls telling him they loved him.

Watch your backs, ladies!

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The Vintage Iowan said...

You are so funny sometimes...Love you...