Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sam's 3 Yr Stats: He's a Big Kid!

Still owe you a post and pictures from the water park. Spoiler: he has a soul mate, and it was a BLAST!

I took Sam for his 3 yr check up on Monday. Didn't expect anything out of the ordinary, and that's what we got.

Blood pressure was fine - top number was 102, can't remember bottom number.

Height: 39 inches, 79th percentile
Weight: 36.8 lbs, 88th percentile
BMI: 80th percentile - I don't remember them giving you a stat for BMI when Gavin was younger. Is this new since childhood obesity is becoming more of an issue? I don't find this a useful measurement, because someone can weigh more due to having a lot of muscle, and therefore come up high on the BMI scale vs someone that is skinny, normal on BMI, but has a high percentage of body fat and is not at all in shape. I think they need a better measurement that incorporates body fat % into it.

At any rate, he looks good, he's doing great and we're hoping for a healthy end to the winter season!

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