Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Haps

Quick note to say we are alive and kicking! It's been so busy lately that my mom had to call me last night to make sure we were still breathing. You know it's busy when I haven't posted on Facebook for days!!

Great news from yesterday - Sam went on the potty all day long! From the time he woke up (dry) to one last potty stop before bed, we had a full day of being a big kid. I am hoping we are on the home stretch with potty training. To be fair, we haven't pushed it much. I don't think it's worth the battle if the kid's not ready. He has been physically ready for some time, but not mentally. He seems to be coming around. One of these days, I will change the last diaper of my life (at least for my own kids). That seems kinda sad in a weird way.

Sam is wrapping up his t-ball season. We will likely miss his last game this weekend as Gavin is running the AAU regional meet in Indianola. I am very superstitious about our pre-race routine, and I am always standing in the same spot cheering Gavin on. Really I think it does my nerves more good than his, but I would hate to miss this race in a big meet. His race is right at the same time that baseball starts, but I hope that if it is running on time, we will jet out of there as soon as he is done and catch the last part of Sam's game and be there for the pizza party and handing out of medals.

Soccer will be starting up for Sam next! He is very excited to score some big goals.

This weekend is the AAU regionals meet in Indianola, and next weekend is the USATF regional meet in OshKosh, Wisconsin. After these meets, we will decide which national competition to go compete at. AAU is in Houston and USATF is in Baltimore. While Baltimore sounds way more appealing weather-wise, most of the team is planning on going to Houston if they qualify. The team aspect sounds really fun. I am a little worried about taking Sam down there with us, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Chad's business is keeping him busy as usual. He is spending a lot of time coaching the youth track team, and has also been playing on an ultimate frisbee team.

I am looking forward to a little break from track, the administrative side of the club has been a lot more work than I imagined. I have been getting back into running after hurting my calf, and basically trying not to injure myself again. There have been some changes going on at work, and there may be some exciting opportunities coming in the next few months.

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