Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blast from the Past

My aunt sent me some pics she found on my grandmothers computer - which Snapfish lost (but insists they didn't lose). I'm so thankful they were saved somewhere!

I was flipping through them, and was struck by this one - well, many of them. This tiny baby doesn't resemble my strong, athletic, track star of today.

I don't much recognize the mother in this picture either. Forced smile, bags under the eyes, scrawny, pale. Time is a funny thing, it has transported us to such a different place today than where we were almost eight years ago.

Gavin would have been around 12 days old in this picture. He was off the vent by the time I was able to first see him, but went back on at 10 days due to an infection that wiped out all his energy for breathing on his own. This was not the first time I held him (probably about the third time).

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