Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Track: May meets

Track and field went full swing in May, with Gavin competing at every meet in the area. It was great seeing his progress over the course of just a month.

Last year he stuck to shorter distances - 100, 400 and long jump, and the occasional 200. This year he has been working towards longer distances, as he is not terribly competitive as a sprinter.

May 5th - Hoover meet
400m - 1:23, 3rd in heat
800m - 3:30, 2nd in age group
4 x 400 relay - team placed first (they were the only team in their bracket!)

May 12th - Waukee meet
400m - 1:24, ? don't know place
800m - 3:18, ? don't know place

May 20th - Grinnell meet
1500m - 6:24 - 1st place (only one in age bracket)

May 26th - Omaha meet
1500m - 6:25 - 1st place (only one in age bracket) (and it was 10 - 15 degrees warmer than the prior weekend)

May 27th - Ames meet
200m - 38 sec - tied for 6th out of 19 kids
400m - 1:25.10 - 4th out of 20 kids
800m - 3:13.02 - 3rd out of 4 kids

There is one little boy on our team that also runs these longer distances. So far Gavin seems to hang back and stay behind him. We are hoping he pushes through and gets ahead of him one of these times. They haven't gone head to head at the 1500 yet, but that is sure to be an interesting race when the day comes. Looking forward to a cooler weekend for our next meet this Saturday, for another attempt at the 1500. He gets to dye his hair red and blonde if he beats his 1500 time of 6:24. Overall, I couldn't be more proud of him, and the rest of the kids on the team. We have had the pleasure of working with some really dedicated kids, and it's been fun to watch them grow throughout this month. We also have our share of kids that don't seem to realize they signed up to run but you take the good with the bad.


The Vintage Iowan said...

They are 7 years old and not into dedication as much as fun....Go GAv....enjoy! Being fit and having fun is the most important thing at this age!

The Vintage Iowan said...
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