Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Completely Without My Permission.....Gavin turned 8

I spent August 27th this year on the verge of happy tears all day. As each year passes, I get a little more assured that there is not "something else" prematurity related about to emerge.

But enough about me. Let's talk about this year this guy had.

These family pictures were taken last year. He has grown front teeth since then! I think braces will be in his future. Thanks, Saldanha-big-teeth genes!

He still has those amazing eyelashes. And attitude to spare.

He had an amazing track season, and this pretty much sums up how much respect he gave his coach. Don't coach your own kids if you can avoid it.


Gavin is very protective of Sam when he needs to be, but for the most part they still fight a lot. Gavin said it best when I complimented their behavior when we were stuck at the airport coming back from Baltimore, a four hour delay that lasted til almost midnight.
"Yeah, but we'll probably be jerks to each other again tomorrow"
Gavin made great progress is second grade, catching up to grade level in all areas, and surpassing on some. He still claims he doesn't like school and that PE is his favorite subjecr.
Gavin is a mommy's boy when it comes to most things...


 In Little Ninjas they teach the kids about indomitable spirit: difficult or impossible to defeat or subdue
Of all the ways we can describe Gavin, this one fits him best.

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