Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sam is Outraged that Busses Don't Have Seatbelts

Have you met Sam? He doesn't stop talking. Ever.

No idea where he gets that

Conversation in the van Friday night driving home from an evening at a friend's house. This is a typical example of how one question just leads to another - but I was surprised by the passionate opinion he had at the end!

S: Why do policemen get bad guys?
M: Because that is their job.
S: But we don't have any bad guys around here.
he is obsessed with asking questions about policemen, our neighbor is one, and I find it hard to answer because I don't want to freak him out by telling him there are criminals around
M: Well, they don't just get bad guys, they watch out for people that are breaking other rules, like people that are driving too fast, or people that aren't wearing their seat belt.
S: But busses don't have seat belts!!!
M: I know, I think it's silly. Busses should have seat belts.
S: But busses are big! And they drive fast! They could be going really fast, and something could happen, and they are going fast and everyone would fall out of their seats. Busses should have seatbelts!

He was quite adament that busses should have seat belts. I couldn't agree more.

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