Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr Visit

We have such good news from our appt today - everything looks great! I can go back to work full time next week and we'll be seeing the doctor every two weeks and evaluating my activities at each visit depending on how things look. But so far so good! We are getting close to 15 weeks - 17 - 18 weeks is kind of our danger zone where things go wrong, so I am going to be pretty anxious until we get through that time frame and see what happens then. But for now - all good things.

For all of you that keep asking - no news on the baby's sex, these ultrasounds are all business and we actually just saw the baby in passing, it was just for getting measurements of where they did the surgery and to get a heart rate on the baby. Today it was 153.

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Anonymous said...

Bridie - such great news from your Sept 18 appt!! Hope everything continues to be okay for you guys!

Love, Aunt Marcia