Monday, September 15, 2008


Allright, so now that I am home for a week with nothing to do, you will finally get lots of updates.

First of all Bridie had surgery Friday, and everything went well. I spent the weekend just taking it easy and laying around, and Gamma kept Gav overnight Friday and most of the day Saturday, so that really helped out a lot. Yesterday we finally told Gav he was going to be a big brother. He didn't really have much of a reaction, but he was concerned about whether the baby would take his mimi. He also kept putting his hand on my tummy and telling me he could feel the baby - I'm sure he couldn't, but it was very sweet.

Anyway, I am off this week from work, so I will finally get all our vacation pics updated (scroll down to the vacation pics post to see the rest of them). I go back to the doctors on Thursday to see how everything looks and if I can go back to work. Today is the 15th so we officially have 6 more months to go!

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