Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gavin and House pics

Here are some random pictures of Gavin and some Grandma Lois took of the new house in progress. This weekend we went to lunch with Lois and picked up Gamma and Dan from the airport. Other than that not much excitement! We see the high risk doctors again this Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for nothing but good news! We are entering the "danger zone" so I am really curious to see how well this surgery works.

Ummmm...Sponge Bob macaroni and cheese!
The siding will be painted. Red.
Gav refusing to take a picture. Me "not even looking pregnant" - thanks Grandma!
This will eventually be my dream kitchen, a triangle island and corner pantry - oh my!
You are looking at the dining room and what will become the railing around the staircase to the basement.I have no idea why this picture is so small. This is the view of the corner of the living room where the fireplace will be.

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