Friday, May 1, 2009

Cute and Cute

Cute Gavin Moment: The other night Chad and Gav were out until about 8 pm. The first thing out of Gavin's mouth when he came in the door: "Hi Mommy, how is Sam doing?" BEST BIG BROTHER. EVER

Cute Sam Moment(s): This baby is smiling and happy all the time. He knows all he has to do is flash a coy grin at you passing by and we can't resist picking him up. He's also been "talking" up a storm.

Gavin is awesome at baseball, and was even a good sport last week in the freezing 45 degree rainy drizzle he played in. When he is in the field he stands there, just ready to run when the batter hits the ball - unfortunately for the other kids, he gets it about 50% of the time. It's really darn cute how they all run after it and pile on each other in the field.

In other proud-of-Gavin news, he had a "test" at preschool last week. Apparently you actually need to learn stuff for Kindergarten these days, it's not just about nap time and snacks and learning to share. The guidance is that they need to be able to write at least 16 letters (without seeing the alphabet, the teacher says "write the letter A", etc. Even the alphabet on the wall is covered up for the test. He wrote 17! Yay! Technically, if he had been born when he was supposed to, he wouldn't be going to school this year. But I think he's ready.

Here's Chad totally cramping Gav's style on the ball field
Never too early to start the Hot Wheels obsession

And now, a Baby Montage

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NovelTeaMommy said...

Love the pics from the ball game. Kids are SUCH characters : ) Sam is getting so big! I noticed one of your pics he is in the amby bed, how are you liking that?