Monday, May 25, 2009

Growing Boys

Sam is sitting in my lap bouncing off the walls after a day full of two hour naps with bottles in between. Forgive the typos.

First off, Gav and I spent Friday at Adventureland for our 2nd annual Mommy-Gavin Adventureland day. He was so good and we were the first ones in the door and the second to last to walk out of the park. We had a blast, rode tons of rides, and it was so nice to give him all my attention for the day. In other Gavin news, we have decided to send him to the Johnston school district's summer program - they go on a field trip every day but Friday and it looks like so much fun, plus hopefully he will get to know some kids he will be in school with.

We had a pretty low key weekend going to a graduation party and family night. It was so nice to have a 4 day weekend, although I stll didn't manage to get the never ending pile of laundry done!

Sam and Gav were so cute tonight. For the last couple days, Sam has been trying to sit up if we are holding him a little reclined. When he was finally awake this evening I started working on sitting him straight up just holding his hands and in no time he was straaightening his spine, not all slumped forward! He stll tends to dig his heels in and throw himself back, but I couldn't believe his progress!

Gav started talking to him, saying "hi sammy, hi there" over and over, and Sammy started repeating "hi" back. Then Gav yelled at Chad "hug and a kiss" and we all swear Samson yelled "hug!" I know it was probably coincidence, but it was so cute.

Gavin has also been wanting to hold Sam lately, he did for a while tonight and kept saying to him "mommy doesn't got you, daddy doesn't got you, i got you sammy!"

Did I mention how cute they are?

Final t-ball game the 30th at 2:45!!! We love fans!

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