Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"That Little 1 yr old"

So cute - the night of Sam's birthday, Gavin looked at him and said "That little one year old!" It was too cute.

Gavin has been asking some interesting questions lately. It's amazing all the thoughts swirling around his brain.

"Why are there mosquitos in the summer?" (I can't say we had a good answer)
The next day in the car
"Why is there an outside?" "well honey, there wouldn't be an outside unless we built buildings to be inside. It would all be outside" "But why is it there? And what if there wasn't any sky or grass?" My brain hurts at this point and then...
"Female mosquitos don't bite. Only male mosquitos bite" (Impressed by the use of female/male vs girl/boy as well as mosquito instead of bug. And no idea if this factoid is true) "Sure honey, uh huh" "I'm really serious Mom. The bug guy that came to our class told us that."

The bug guy that came in, like, October! It's so fun to see all the things that he is learning. Last week he picked out a library book on lightning. I don't think I knew a single thing I read in that book, so it was all new to me as well - and I couldn't believe a 5 yr old would sit through a book about electrons and positive and negative energy. That brain of his is just churning all the time.

Sam update: He slept most of the afternoon with some brief awake periods - during which he just wanted to snuggle or sit on my lap and play. But this evening he seemed to turn a corner and was the cheesiest, happiest Sam I've seen in a while. He even ate some noodles and bread. We bought some probiotics to hopefully counteract the effects of the antibiotic and some hypoallergenic formula to give him some nutrition in case it takes awhile to get his appetite back. And the coughing fits are fewer too! So glad that he is on the mend already.

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