Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sam's on the mend

He didn't wake up coughing at all last night! He actually made it to 3 am before waking up, so that was great. He's napping more than usual during the day and I can't decide if it's because he needs more sleep to heal or if he is finally comfortable enough to nap longer. I have him totally off of breast milk and he's doing better than ever, so I wonder if there was just enough dairy in there to flare up his reflux. The milk bank will be getting a giant donation this weekend. I'm a little sad to close that chapter, but am looking forward to getting my freezer space back!

He is starting to really take off walking - no longer does he need coaxing from us, he just takes off from the furniture. Of course that means a lot more crashes, he got his head good on the wood part of the ottoman today.

The antibiotic is doing a number on his system. We have him on probiotics, not sure how much good it's doing. He's still not eating much and is not in love with the formula I bought. We go back on the 25th for his 12 mo vaccines (thank goodness we delayed them!) and a naked weigh in so hopefully by then he's at least gained back the weight he lost over the last couple weeks.

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