Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darn ears!

Sam's been screaming bloody murder throughout the night and sleeping worse than usual. Usual isn't great anyway, so it's been fun. Today at day care he was inconsolable and this was day two of not eating (although fortunately he always continues to drink) so in to the Dr. we went again - yup we are averaging 3 office visits per month between sick kid, well child, and specialists visits.

The ear infection we started treating two weeks ago never really cleared up. Additionally one tube has now worked its way out and the other is clogged (no doubt causing the screaming). Our regular ped was not available and this one suggested we try an antibiotic that didn't ever work for us last fall. I'm not sure I agree, but we'll give it a try and if he's still grumpy in three days take him back for another look and to change course of treatment. I don't know what other antibiotic options we have at this point. The shots have worked in the past, but I guess those have a high probability of causing resistant bacteria strains so they don't want to use them too often.

We see our ENT on the 15th but I may call and get it pushed up since we know at least one tube is no longer functioning.

Try as I might, I can't talk myself into chiropractic treatment for him, though they claim to fix (permanently) ear infection. A friend just sent me a link to acupuncture for ear infections. The Chinese theory is actually that it relates to digestive issues - which makes sense in his case since he does have allergies. At this point I figure any kind of witch doctory is worth a look as we don't seem to be getting anywhere with western medicine.

Poor kid. I feel horrible for him. With all these bouts of illness (which include several days of non eating with each bad spell) and a limited diet due to his allergies - well he hasn't really gained any weight in three months, unless you count the weight he re-gained after losing during his nearly pneumonia bout.

He's such a happy guy despite this. I just want to be able to make him feel good.

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