Friday, March 19, 2010


Here's a rundown of everything going on in our house lately:
 - Sam. Walking. Everywhere
 - Upsetting our entire schedule Springing Forward
 - A couple nice weather days and playing at parks
 - Bridie getting up at 4:30 (almost) every morning and going to the gym
 - Impromptu CA trip May 3 - 7 (39.99 Allegiant tix!!)
 - Getting Gavin to eat his vegetables
 - Sam recovering from yet another ear infection. Started a new stuffy nose before the antibiotics ran out. Waiting for the next infection to surface.
 - Gavin staying in his bed all night for a week straight. Then not for the following week.
 - Sam yet to sleep on his own
 - Wii Carnival Mini Golf
 - Birthday parties. LOTS of 6 yr old birthday parties.
 - Gavin and Sam getting even more joy out of each other now that Sam is mobile
 - Showers. Sam is obsessed with taking showers and Gavin's new thing is showering all by himself.
 - Force feeding Gavin vegetables

I think that's all we have. I am so excited for our upcoming vacation!

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